Friday, December 31, 2010

Fit Mommy Final Week

Well, this week ended pretty crazy with major changes coming to our household.

Did I make my goal.  No.  But I got really super close.  I lost 17 pounds!!!  I met most of my other goals and am happy with the changes in my attitude change.

I can't wait to keep up with everything and see where I am in 6 months.

***Okay, so I was in a major panic thinking that I had missed the deadline for posting on Got Chai?  and didn't go back and read my goals.  It turns out that I DID MEET MY GOALS!!!  My goal was to lose 15lbs, drink my water, get enough sleep, workout 4 to 5 times a week.  I think those were it...and I DID IT!!!  Woohoo!!  I am doing a happy dance tonight!

Can't wait for the next 10 weeks!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday Week 9!!!

I can not believe that it is Week 9 already!  I don't think I'm ready for this to be over.  I'm not quite at my goal, but I'm really close.  This week was another bust.  I only worked out once and my food and water intake was very bad.  Really.  I had the stomach bug Tuesday night, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I ate almost nothing, drank even less.  My stomach hurt so much.  :(

I feel much better now, but I'm still not able to eat much at one time.  I did lose about 4 pounds this week.  Just not the right way.  I am fitting in my clothes much better and am feeling better about the way I look.  I can feel some confidence returning and it feels pretty good.  Several of my pants are downright to big!! 

I may not lose the 20 pounds that I wanted to but the changes in my attitude towards food are the best payoff because they will last even after this challenge is over.  I have my eye on a cute spring/summer dress that's been in my closet for way too long gathering dust.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, it's Thursday and I have only worked out once this week.  :(

Why, you ask?  I have had the stomach bug.  So not fun.  I am feeling better now, but not up to snuff. 

I'm just hoping that I will feel better by tomorrow.  Beings that it's Christmas and all!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fit Mommy Challenge Week 8

Week 8 already?  I can not believe it.  It has flown by so quickly that I don't think I'm ready for it to be over!  This week hasn't been one of my best (again) but it wasn't too bad either.

As far as exercising went I worked out three of the five days.  I think I am starting to enjoy it...did I just say that out loud?  lol  I find that I am thinking about working out if I haven't done it yet and really want to get it done. 


My water intake was a little low, only about 50-55 oz a day.  Not bad, but not where I want it to be.  I haven't been having much soda so that's a good thing.  Even when I have had the soda, Pepsi is my weakness, I haven't finished the glassful.  Nor have I wanted to.  Yay!

I have been sleeping not so peacefully.  Steven has been sick and so I have been up and down with him and sleeping on the couch a lot of nights.  I have been trying to nap a little in the afternoons to make up for it though. 

I am most excited about my food portions, though.  I have noticed an almost complete turn around in my attitude towards food.  I am no longer eating to make me feel better but to fuel my body.  I am sharing meals with my husband or just ordering a meal and putting some in a box right away(if we are out).  I am not snacking between meals but if I get a snack I am looking at the serving size and having only that much.  I don't find myself thinking about food all day long. 

I am loving being free from the pull of having to eat until I pop.  Of needing food sitting in my belly to make me feel good. 

I don't need food except to fuel my body.  And I don't need that much. 

This challenge has been so amazing.  I have loved participating in it and I love the results I am having.  Not only the weight loss but the whole attitude change.  Not that I am not loving that 12 pounds are gone, I do!  Plus, I am almost in a smaller pant size than when I started.  heehee

I don't know if I will make my goal, but I'm gonna try! 

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

...On Monday!  My oldest dd and I were in our church Christmas program last week and I was completely consumed with practices and performances.  So I am late, but I am updating!

Last week was still not a great week for me.  I exercised three of the five days, watched my portions very well, drank at least 60 oz of water daily, and went to bed on time all but once.  I was pretty happy with everything except the exercising. 

I am finding that my attitude towards eating is changing.  I sit down to a meal and look at the food thinking, "Do I really need this?  If so, do I need that much?"  I have passed on cakes, cookies, and other desserts this last week without so much as even a little feeling of being deprived.  I am starting to pass on things that I would have normally eaten just because they were there.

That is success even though I didn't lose any weight last week.  I maintained my weight AND am seeing an attitude change.  :) 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fit Mommy Challenge Week 6

I haven't posted in a week?  I have a good reason though.  I have been SICK.  Sinus infection and then an allergic reaction to the antibiotics.  Seriously not fun.

It is Week 6?  I'm not sure I lost some days somewhere!  I have slept a lot this week and eaten way less than I should have.  Water consumption for the week has been low.

Everything has been low.  Exercise has consisted of walking up and down the stairs but only as little as possible.

Check-in will be pretty short. 

Not enough water or exercise.

However, since I wasn't really eating I did lose a pound.  I think it might have been more but for a certain monthly occurrence.  But, I will take the pound and not complain.  ;)

If you want to see how everyone else is doing, head on over to Got Chai? and check them out!  Oh and show 'em some love by leaving a comment!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sweet Words

I forgot to post about what my brother said to me on Thanksgiving.  He asked me if I had lost weight!  It may not seem like a big deal, but it is.  It means that people can tell!  Or at least some people anyway! lol  I just had to add that bc it was so cool.  :-D

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

It's check in time!  I have to admit that I wasn't looking forward to this week's check in.  What with Thanksgiving and all.  And especially after the trip to Arizona.  But I am going to just bite the bullet and do it.

How did I do with my goals this week?  Let's see...

Monday-my water consumption was awesome!  I drank about 74oz.  Yay Me!  I watched my food and controlled the portions.  For exercise I ended up doing the stairs at church about 15 times.  There are twenty steps up to one level and twenty more to get all the way up.  Plus the walking around getting pictures for our homeschool group.  I also got to sleep at a decent hour. 

Tuesday-my water consumption was again wonderful.  As evidenced by the multiple trips to the bathroom every twenty minutes!    I controlled my portions and stayed away from junk food.  Exercising today consisted of running around with the girls and dancing to music.  :)  I went to sleep a little late but got to sleep in on Wednesday!

Wednesday-water consumption was around 74 again and I find myself really craving water!  I skipped lunch this day by accident because of my exercising.  What kind of exercise would cause me to miss lunch?  Deep cleaning of the entire house.  It took us about 5 hours of scrubbing, vacuuming, washing, folding, dusting, and running up and down the stairs carrying heavy things.  I was completely wiped out by the end of the day and fell into bed early.

Thursday-Turkey Day!  I was up early doing a little more cleaning and then spent all of the morning cooking and cleaning.  After lunch, I cleaned the kitchen and washed dishes.  I am so proud of my eating for this Thanksgiving!  See my previous post if you want to know more!  I even drank all my water for the day and only had one cup of soda.  I was so tired that I again went to bed early.

Friday-Today has been a pretty lazy day.  I have cleaned and walked all over this house trying to find things.  Going up and down the stairs I have tried to squeeze and take my time to get more out of them.  I have controlled my eating but my water hasn't been as great-only about 32oz.  We even went to the movies and I only drank half of my soda and had just a few hot tamales!

I am feeling great about the changes that I feel/see happening with my attitude towards food and exercising.  I am certain to succeed this time and realize my goals of better health and a smaller size. 

If you haven't noticed the ticker on my sidebar, it has changed!  I have lost 10lbs!!  I can't believe it.  I am so happy about that.  I am trying not to think about the fact that this time last year I was 15lbs lower than that.  :(  So, I am going to focus on the changes I am making now and keep making choices that are getting me to that goal. 

If you want to see how everyone else is doing head on over to Got Chai? and check them out.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving is a holiday that can strike fear into even the most determined dieter.  It is a day filled with aromatic dishes that tempt and tease.  Turkey sitting on a platter, ham beside it, with a bowl of potatoes slathered in butter and sour cream, green bean casserole steaming, warm rolls, and pies calling your name from the kitchen.  It is a dizzying blend of aromas and temptations. 

Once the meal has been prepared, you sit with friends and family talking and having fun not noticing how much food you put on your plate or in your mouth.  You eat and talk, talk and eat, until you discover that your stomach is too full and you feel sick. 

Sick and guilty.

The above situation is why you wear stretchy pants or pants with no waistband.  They don't put as much pressure on your over-full stomach.  You feel like a slug.

Does it have to be this way?


Today, I watched my plate very carefully.  I was the only one to put food on my plate and if someone else did, I was firm in saying how I wanted.  I only allowed a small spoonful of each item that I wanted and a half of a piece of bread. 

I was not overfull and could enjoy each bite.  I felt proud of myself instead of guilty for stuffing myself.  I am not having that turkey day remorse that I had become accustomed to.  Instead, I am sitting on the couch enjoying being with my family and am in no way tempted by the leftovers lurking in my refrigerator.  I see my goal in view and I can feel my attitude changing. 

This is for me.  This is for my health.  This is for my kids.  This is for my husband.  This is for my God.  I am the temple and I need to start treating it as such.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday Week 4?

Well, this week didn't go so well.  On Tuesday we, my dh and I, went to Arizona with my sister and her dh.  Between traveling and eating out for every got ugly.

I didn't exercise except one time in the pool and the walking we did looking for stores to shop in.  In other words, not much.

I can not wait to get back to exercising and eating right.  I did watch my portions-for the most part.  But my water consumption was almost nil.

This week is going to be better.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not going to be good

Tuesday night, my dh and I set off on a trip to Arizona with my sister and her dh.  We are driving with them to go to the Mayo Clinic.  I have not exercised at all this week.  :(  My water consumption is at an all time low.  My food intake is high.

I am feeling bloated and icky from traveling.

I won't be able to weigh-in or blog on Friday.  We are leaving that day and the internet connection is cranky. 

I can not wait to get back to working out.  I actually miss it!  I hope this doesn't set me back to far.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday Week 3

Week 3 is over.  It has been a pretty good week just very long.

Monday- no exercise.  :(  We had homeschool group and then a doctor's appt. to get a cast on my oldests' arm and then BSF.  I did pretty well monitoring my food until supper.  I ate too much.  No way around it I just did.  And I felt miserable all evening.  I drank around 50 oz of water-not my goal but not too bad.

Tuesday-I worked out with the Wii Fitness Coach for 45 min!!  Woohoo!  I ate in moderation and drank 72oz of water.  Good day!

Wednesday-I worked out again with the Wii for 45 min and found it a little easier this time.  I ate in moderation and drank just over 70oz of water.

Thursday-I ended up working out for about an hour.  The Fitness Coach puts you through an evaluation every tenth workout or so and then still makes you workout after that!  I ate in moderation and drank 72ish oz of water.

Friday-Well, I am writing this first thing in the morning so I haven't technically done anything yet.  BUT, I am going to workout for 45 min at lunch and drink my 72oz of water and eat in moderation.

I am determined.  What makes me this determined after my whining yesterday?


I couldn't believe it!  I am stoked.  Wouldn't it be awesome if I could lose another 5lbs next week?

I am going to try.  :-D

***UPDATE:  I worked out for 45 min at lunch time and am up to 50oz of water as of 3pm.  Yay!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I can't look

Tomorrow is my weigh-in day for the Fit Mommy Friday Challenge and I am more than a little nervous.  I have been working so hard this week and I don't think I can bear it if the scale hasn't moved. 

I really need the scale to show some downward movement.  Really.

If the scale hasn't moved I might have a break down.  I shouldn't be pinning my hopes on the scale tomorrow but I am.  I really need this positive affirmation that what I have been doing is working. 

Even a little.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chasing the Wagon

Why are the weekends so hard to stay on track with exercise and eating right?  It seems like I do pretty well throughout the week and then Saturday and Sunday hit and I jump off the wagon.

I'm pretty sure that I'm not falling, I'm jumping.  I completely forget all the good things I need to do and just veg out and pig out.

It's not that I want to workout seven days a week but I would at least like to not be a total sloth on the weekends!  It makes all the hard work I did during the week almost a moot point.

It stinks.

Last night I ate too much before BSF and I didn't work out yesterday either.  Not a great start to the week.

I need to chase down that wagon and strap myself on for good.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

This week was an interesting roller coaster.  I thought I had been doing well and stepped on the scale to see an gain of three pounds.  :( So not cool.

This morning I stepped on the scale and those three pounds were gone plus one more.  I don't know if it is accurate, but I will take it!

So, here is my check in.

Monday-I did the Wii Personal Trainer for 30 minutes and got all my water in.  I limited my portions and did generally pretty well.

Tuesday-I only worked out for 20 minutes today and only got 38oz of water in.  I did limit my food portions well.

Wednesday-Thirty minutes of the Wii today, 42oz of water with small portions of food.

Thursday-I didn't work out except for running up and down the stairs countless times!  68 oz of water and smaller portions of food.

Friday- I worked out this morning for 45 minutes and am planning to drink all my water with limiting my portions.

I plan on working out on Sunday to make up for the day I missed during the week.  Generally I feel better this week despite fighting a cold.  I feel like I have a little more energy and am feeling better about myself.  I think I might feel/see some changes in my proportions based on the way my clothes are feeling.

I don't know if I will make my goal by the end of the challenge, I'm thinking not since it is going so slowly, but that's okay.  I am changing my life and that is what matters in the long run.

Next week I am going to work out for 45 min a day and cut out some more calories.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Okay, Really?

I worked out yesterday with the Wii Fitness Coach and she kicked my hiney!  I felt great after working out and was proud of myself.


I weighed myself this morning and I gained three pounds. 


Can you hear me screaming? 

Oh yeah, there's crying too.

I am seriously not happy about it.

I am going to keep doing what I know I should and ignore the scale.

Easier said than done. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday Update

Today is the day to check in.  Do I want to? Nope.  But I'm gonna.

Let's see...How did I do this week?

Well, I did pretty good on my water consumption each day.  I hit 64oz most days and several time hit 72oz.  So that's pretty good!

I went to be earlier every night except last night when I couldn't breathe lying down due to a stuffy nose.  I feel more rested already!

I ate somewhat smaller portions but could do better.  I think that altogether I ate less this week.

I worked out, a little, every day.  It only amounted to about 20 min. a day but at least I did it.  And I think I have set a pattern with my internal time clock to wake up at 6:15am bc I have done it twice w/o the alarm!!  woohoo!

Have I lost any weight?  It's hard to tell.  I gained back the 3lbs I lost when I started this blog and it is that time of month that I gain about 4lbs anyway.  :(  But if I figure it right, I think I have lost the 3lbs I gained and am back to ground zero. 

Not too happy about that but there it is.  Right now I weigh more than my dh and I don't like it. 

I will change it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

If Wishes Were Horses

You've heard the saying, "If wishes were horses..." haven't you?  That is where I'm living today.  I wish I weren't fat and I wish I didn't have to work on losing it.

I wish I wasn't too big for my clothes.  I wish that I looked better in pictures so that I would let people take them of me.  I wish that I was in better shape so I could play with my kids more.  I wish I looked better for my husband.

But wishes aren't horses and losing weight does take a lot of work.

But it also takes a mental shift towards self-worth.  I am starting to make that change.  Yay!

I think I will post a before pic when I work up the courage!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another day...

to try.  Yesterday did not go as planned!  Of course.  I didn't get to work out in the morning or after lunch and I didn't get to go to BSF...grrr

I did, however, workout right before bed!  Not as much as I wanted to but at least I did something. 

I also didn't get as much water as I wanted.

I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  I'm going to just do better today.

I have already worked out a bit this morning and am working on my third glass of water.

Better already!

Monday, October 25, 2010


The Challenge (see friday's post) starts today and I find that I just don't want to exercise.  I want to curl up in bed and ignore life.

I can't, though.

That's why I am overweight.

Laziness.  Plain and simple.

So, I may not get my workout in before our homeschool group; but, I am determined to do it right after.

I will do it whether I want to or not.

For myself and for my kids.  My hubby, too!  Can't forget him.  ;-D

Friday, October 22, 2010


I guess I should have posted what my goals are! lol  I think I was just feeling so convicted that I completely forgot.  Or maybe I was trying to ignore the goals that I know I need to set.

Either way, here they are:

1.  Work out at least 4 times a week with 5 being optimal.
2.  Eat smaller portions.
3.  Lose 15lbs-that is a lot but I think it is totally doable since I have 50 to lose
4.  Drink 72 oz of water a day.  I can do this if I really thing about it.
5.  Get to sleep earlier and not stay up too late.  (Easier said than done!)

Okay, there are my goals.  Now, I feel a little pressure since they are out there!


Alright, I am back.  I gave up temporarily and have paid the price.  :(  I am determined to do this the right way and to do it until I reach my goals.

In order to help me out, I have joined up with some great women for a challenge.

It is the Fit Mommy Friday Challenge and you can find out about it here.  I definitely need the encouragement and the accountability that I'm sure these ladies will give me.

Come on, join me and let's change our lives!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I wish things in life were easy and handed to me on a plate.  No, really I do.  Especially losing weight and  getting fit.  I don't want to have to work at it.  I struggle with laziness and stick-to-itiveness.  Is that a word?  It is now.

I am really struggling and trying and struggling and trying.  But it's hard.

I am committed to taking it slowly and not putting unrealistic expectations on my body.  I will look at my body in light of Christ's love and sacrifice and I will focus on setting my heart and mind to following Christ and loving him more each day.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Not too bad?

Friday was filled with an incredibly long dentist appointment for me and a chiropractor appointment for my oldest.  I thought that my appt. was at 11am but after I woke up, got dressed in my workout clothes I looked at my calendar and saw that it was really at 9:45am.  No time for a work out. 

So, I thought I would do it after my appt.  I didn't realize that it was going to take that long.  My 11yo had a tummy bug and needed me to pick up some 7up from the store and that ate up more time.  This is not looking good.

Lunch was a bust, I had chinese food.  The helping was too big.  :(  I ended up laying down and fell asleep.  I awoke to the sound of my dh coming home early so he could take our oldest to the chiropractor.  That took and hour and a half and when I got home I had to make supper.

Ate too much for supper. 

No workout.

Not too good but it could have been worse.  I am not going to count it as a failure, just not as good as I want it to be.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another successful day

This morning threatened to be another failure in the exercise arena, but I purposefully chose to do something.

I rode my bike.  I didn't think that after yesterday's ordeal that I could walk on the treadmill today.  I am still hurting everywhere!

So, I got out my new, shiny bike and rode FOUR MILES!! 

It felt amazing! 

I think I will be terribly sore tomorrow, but it is worth it. 

My eating was okay today.  Two doughnuts but other than that, good portion sizes and pretty good choices.  I consider that a success.  :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A change of plans

This morning as my alarm was going off, I made a decision that is the key to why I am overweight.  I turned off the alarm, rolled over and went back to sleep.


That does not help in my effort to get back in shape.  A couple of months ago, I was doing a great job.  But then we went on a mission trip and I just got too busy.

Wait, no.  That is not a good enough reason.

The real reason is I got too lazy.  That is the naked truth.

I hate being fat.  I truly do.  But sometimes I don't hate it enough to do anything about it.  and sometimes I don't love myself enough to do any better.

The day didn't end as badly as it started though.  The girls and I went on a walk/field trip/p.e. class and ended up walking 5.2 miles!  It took a very long time with a five year old, but we did it!

I even made pretty good food choices today with fairly good portion control.

No snacking tonight, just lots of water.  And no self-condemnation.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beginning again

Yesterday, Monday, marked the start of my weight loss journey.  Again.  I have tried for too many years to get this done and keep ending up overweight and unhappy.

Now I am working on my heart and being happy with who I am.

That doesn't mean that I am not going to workout.  That has to happen.  But, I am going to eat less.  Really, I will.

I am also going to start exercising...again.  But not full out until after next week.  I had gall bladder surgery almost two weeks ago and haven't been cleared for more than just walking yet.

But, I am walking on the treadmill- a little each day.

What is my goal?  I want to lose 50lbs by this time next year.  On August 1, 2011 I want to weigh 50lbs less.

I can do this.  I am worth it.  I will not give up.