Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Can you say, "Give up?"

Oh I can.  I have.  I did.

I gave up as you can see from the non posting for the last year.  I gave up on many different things but most especially on losing weight.  Oh, there was a push in January for about 4 weeks and I did lose some weight but it didn't last.  There were several attempts throughout the year but they all failed.


Because I am lazy.  I really am.  I want things handed to me on a platter.  I don't want to have to work for them.  I took for granted the years of being skinny and thought it would always be that way.  now, I can't seem to change my mindset and see that I am the fat girl now.

In my mind I am still a size 6 not a 12.  I am still skinny not fat with rolls on my tummy.  I can still wear all the clothes I want to-in my mind-and I don't struggle with my confidence.

but then I look in a mirror and I am faced with reality.  But it doesn't affect me enough to make changes.

Because I am lazy.

I need to change that.  Desperately.

I need to change that for my kids so they don't learn to be lazy and expect to get the things they want.  ugh  I just want to be skinny again.  :(