Friday, December 23, 2011

not a good week

The week starts on Sunday around here.  That's just what I think is the beginning of the week. 


Sunday night our 6yo fell and hurt her arm.

Monday morning I took her to minor emergency and found out that she broke her arm right up by her elbow. 


She is in a half-cast until next week because the swelling was too much to cast it.

She has been in pain all week and frankly quite cranky and whiney.  yeah, I know she has reason but it has made for a long week.

Add on to that all the baking that my 12yo needed to do for Christmas and the freak out session I had trying to find presents at this late date and you get...

No exercise this week.  :(

I did watch my food and water but am feeling sluggish from not working out in any way. 


Friday, December 16, 2011

Another week...

This week, well what can I say?  I have not exercised like I wanted to.  My running partner has been sick and in case you didn't know this-it is COLD in Kansas in December!  It has been under 32* every morning and that is just too cold to run in.

I do have a treadmill but I find it hard to run in there and my dd just won't come in there and sit while I run.  Go figure!

But, I have watched what I ate and done very well.  I also have been drinking a lot of water which is proven by the frequent trips to the restroom!

I have spent the week cleaning and working up a sweat by doing it.  :-)  I am feeling better and healthier and can't wait to get even healthier-i.e. smaller sizes and lower numbers on the scale.  lol

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Monday, December 12, 2011


Last week I was MIA.  I had two kids sick during the week, one of which was my running partner.  :(  So, I didn't run but I did keep up with my eating and drinking water.  I didn't do as well as I wanted to but it wasn't too bad.

This week has been better already.  I ran tonight for 25 min.  BUT, I didn't use the inhaler before I ran so I struggled a lot.  Especially since I didn't run last week.

This week I will get back on track so to speak and run at least three times this week and drink 72 oz of water daily while watching my portions.  I have lost six pounds and I intend to keep that going.

I have teamed up(although I am already late with the first post) with Mrs. White over at The Legacy of Home to help inspire me and hopefully all of you to get healthy and create good habits. 

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