Friday, October 29, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday Update

Today is the day to check in.  Do I want to? Nope.  But I'm gonna.

Let's see...How did I do this week?

Well, I did pretty good on my water consumption each day.  I hit 64oz most days and several time hit 72oz.  So that's pretty good!

I went to be earlier every night except last night when I couldn't breathe lying down due to a stuffy nose.  I feel more rested already!

I ate somewhat smaller portions but could do better.  I think that altogether I ate less this week.

I worked out, a little, every day.  It only amounted to about 20 min. a day but at least I did it.  And I think I have set a pattern with my internal time clock to wake up at 6:15am bc I have done it twice w/o the alarm!!  woohoo!

Have I lost any weight?  It's hard to tell.  I gained back the 3lbs I lost when I started this blog and it is that time of month that I gain about 4lbs anyway.  :(  But if I figure it right, I think I have lost the 3lbs I gained and am back to ground zero. 

Not too happy about that but there it is.  Right now I weigh more than my dh and I don't like it. 

I will change it.


  1. I know how you feel. But don't underestimate the small steps. Small steps here and there turn into big steps!!!
    I bet next week you will see a difference.
    Oh, and I am now following you too!

  2. I agree with Rodna. Don't discount all of the things that you're doing. They all add up.

    You can do this!

  3. Great job on the water. I wish I could have done better..and that reminds me to go get some more!!

  4. I hate being heavier than my (taller than me, so there is no excuses) husband. My goal is to be at least 20lbs lighter than him (not in the next 10 weeks though, believe me!!!).
    Good for you on the water consumption, and I know what you mean about a rough start... I was sick with a tummy flu most of the week... Let's keep at it!

  5. I know what you mean about that time of the month. Mine is soon so I was worried it would skew the weight. But keep it up. The end result is what matters most, not the beginning days.

  6. Looks like you are making some good habits with sleep and waking time. Working out each day is something to be proud of.

  7. Little steps will get you there in the's not true that there's no gain without pain and it sounds like you are doing pretty good.

  8. You are taking it nice and slow and this is the way to do it.

    Remember, this is not a fix, it is a change in your lifestyle.


  9. Small changes do add up over time. Keep up the hard work!

  10. I personally think you've made a fantastic start this week! Don't beat yourself up. That'll only lend itself to feelings of defeat--and that's one of the Fit Mommy "no-no's".;-) You're in this to win and you WILL. Keep it up--you're making excellent progress. Celebrate even the smallest of victories and you'll blow through these next 9 weeks with ease! :)

  11. Maybe I'm biased, but I personally think it is the little stuff that makes the biggest difference. Especially when you (well when *I*) can't handle the big stuff. I won't be running a marathon today, I promise. But if I can go walk up and down the driveway a couple times, and do that consistently over time... and drink my water, and...

    I think you did GREAT!

  12. Sounds to me like you accomplished a lot! This whole fit mommy thing is not an overnight change, it takes time and baby steps is the way to go! You are doing wonderfully!


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