Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A change of plans

This morning as my alarm was going off, I made a decision that is the key to why I am overweight.  I turned off the alarm, rolled over and went back to sleep.


That does not help in my effort to get back in shape.  A couple of months ago, I was doing a great job.  But then we went on a mission trip and I just got too busy.

Wait, no.  That is not a good enough reason.

The real reason is I got too lazy.  That is the naked truth.

I hate being fat.  I truly do.  But sometimes I don't hate it enough to do anything about it.  and sometimes I don't love myself enough to do any better.

The day didn't end as badly as it started though.  The girls and I went on a walk/field trip/p.e. class and ended up walking 5.2 miles!  It took a very long time with a five year old, but we did it!

I even made pretty good food choices today with fairly good portion control.

No snacking tonight, just lots of water.  And no self-condemnation.

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