Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 7 Day 1

Well, starting Monday I ran for 25 minutes w/o stopping.  I did pretty well until the last minute and a half and then I was hurting.  I also had what seemed to be an asthma attack.  It didn't feel like I was winded my lungs felt like they were squeezing and I couldn't get a full breath.

I finished and sent my dd home for the inhaler.

All was fine until I started running today.  I only made it a little over half-way through when I started not being able to breathe.  I went a little further and then had to stop.  I used the inhaler twice and then continued.  I ended up having to stop another time and slowed down considerably by the end of the run.  But I made it.  My lungs were hurting and my dd was freaked out bc I was so dizzy that I was weaving while I ran. 

But I did it.

I kept going even if I was barely moving.  I will not quit.  I will see this through.

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