Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Start to the Week

As promised, I have started in earnest once again. I didn't get started on Sunday. Instead I chose to rest as much as possible before the kids came home. I did watch my food intake, though, so that's something. Right? Of course right!

I also decided to check in every couple of days to keep myself accountable for working out. Feel free to send me a note and ask me how it's going if you don't see an update for a few days. Sometimes we all need a kick in the sixth point of contact!

On Monday I worked out for 30 minutes, watched my portions sizes, and drank between 72 and 84oz of water. I did not get enough sleep last night. Just about 4 hours. :( I have to do better with that tonight.

Today, I worked out for 45 minutes! Woohoo!! I exercised control over my portions and have just over 72oz of water for the day. I also scrubbed my shower for 20 minutes. I am so counting that towards my workout time for today. heehee

My muscles are sore from re-starting my workouts and it feels good. I only wish I would have started sooner so that I would have lost more weight in time for Easter. But, I didn't so there's no point in moaning and groaning about it.

This is where I am now and I am choosing to go down a different path from here on out. Anybody else out there working out? How ya doing?

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