Monday, August 15, 2011

Wow that was hard

Well, I got up at 6:15 A.M. this morning. I so did not want to. I wanted to go back to sleep desperately. But then I rolled over and my fat rolls touched each other and I was reminded how my laziness got me to where I am now. FAT and UNHAPPY.

So, I hauled my sizeable hiney out of bed and got dressed. I laid my workout clothes beside the bed last night so I wouldn't have any excuses this morning. I took my meds, got some water, and went downstairs.

I woke up my oldest bc she said she wanted to do this with me. She only made it through the first 5-10 min.

BUT I MADE IT ALL THE WAY THROUGH!!! I did have to stop a few times bc of muscle cramps-hypocalcemia-but I started again after a few seconds.

Am I glad I woke up waay too early? Not really and yeah. I love sleep and am not a morning person BUT I am overweight and out of shape so I NEED to work out.

I am sore already! roflol But I AM going to get up in the tomorrow morning and do it again.

Yeah me! How about you?

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