Wednesday, February 9, 2011

not so great

this week has not been going well.  I am not exercising...except the two hours shoveling snow tonight...and I have no motivation to do otherwise.

I am in a funk.

I have gained back a bit of the weight I just lost and I can feel the old lethargy and pessimism creeping back up in me.  I need to just do the next thing.  Quit whining and crying about it and just do it. 

For me.  That's what it comes down to, doesn't it?  Do I think I am worth the trouble? 

Good question.  Tonight my answer would be no.

That's not the right answer, though. 

I am worth it.  I am worth it because I am created by the Most High God and he deems me worthy. 

so tomorrow begins the struggle again.  and there will be a struggle because i refuse to give up.


  1. Amen.
    Always refuse to give up. Always refuse to believe the lie that you are not worth it.

  2. Oh, I hear ya. Slip sliding away a little here myself. But yes, God never gives up on us, thank God for that!


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