Friday, February 25, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday

Well, it's Friday and I am checking in!!  Woohoo!  I wish this week had been better but it wasn't too bad.  I exercised a few times but not enough.  I watched what I ate and drank more water.  I have tried to get more sleep but alas it hasn't worked very well.  I have had some shall we say intestinal problems and they tended to hit at night.

My clothes did not get any tighter and my attitude was better this week.  I focused on being intentional about doing the things I need to and trying to be in a better mood.

It has worked mostly! heehee

I wouldn't call this week a resounding success but it was better and I'll take it!

What I really need is a trainer to come to my house and haul my hiney out of bed and make me work out.  But then it wouldn't be me doing it for the right reasons and so it wouldn't really matter in the end.  I might lose the weight but my heart would still be in the same place so it would be for naught.

No, this is my battle and I will wage war against apathy and and the bulge one little skirmish at a time.


  1. Hey... we all have those weeks. Make some new goals. Post them here or write them down at home. Make weekly and maybe even daily goals or use a to-do list. I know you will keep on. Try finding something you like to do for exercising... it made all the difference for me... now I look forward to exercising... most days ;-) I know with God's help you will figure it out. Praying for a better week to come.

  2. Hey, you're keeping on going, and that's what counts. It's amazing, though, how apathy disappears once you've had some exercise, especially outside.

    Have a wonderful week!

    Annie Kate

  3. You GO GIRL~you are on the up swing! Sucess is one day at a time~~;-))


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