Friday, January 7, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday Week 1

Okay, the Challenge is over but we are still moving our way towards healthier us's. roflol  I know that's not a real word but it seemed appropriate.  :-D

This week was a bust as far as exercise.  I didn't do much.  Honestly.  I had one girl puking and then I got it but wasn't puking.  I will just let it end right there so as not to share TMI!  I have been tired and feeling icky so no exercising.

The water intake wasn't great either because of the puky feeling.  I tried to keep hydrated and drank more soda this week than I should have but it was 7up for my tummy.

My sleep this week has been atrocious because of the aforementioned items.  I have been napping during the day to make up for it but still feel the lack of sleep.  I am going to start remedying that right away-I am craving my sleep almost as much as I am craving water.

My eating this week was LOW!  Obviously.  My stomach was churning for several days and so I could only eat a very little BUT I wasn't thinking the whole time, "Yes, I am going to lose weight bc I'm not eating."  Instead I was thinking, "I need to eat a little something to get fuel for my body."  That is major in my book!  Last night I started eating regularly.  I had a meeting and we were supposed to bring our own food.  I treated myself to a Mediterranean restaurant that I just love!  I actually stopped myself from eating the whole thing.  About 3/4 of the way through the sandwich I was just done.  AND I still had about half the fries sitting there.  I just closed the box and put it away and didn't think of it again!  Woohoo!!

Thank you, Ladies, for going on this journey with me.  What an encouragement and inspiration you all are to me.  Blessings!

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